LOT 198 (31813156) Est R300 to R600 – 6 x British-made Portmeirion Botanic Garden Cotton Table Napkins, designed by Susan Williams Ellis (1918-2007)

Winning Bid: R850.00

Item condition: Used


each square-shaped cloth, featuring a central polychrome stylised botanical and insect decorated panel, enclosed by a pale yellow frame and green striped borders, further embellished with running foliate borders and inscribed with Latin genus names: Convolvulus (Trailing Bindweed), Primula Villosa (Blue Primrose), Rhododendron Lepidotum (Rhododendron), Bellis Perennis (Daisy), Narcissus Minimus (Small Narcissus) and Cyclamen Repondum (Ivy leaved Cyclamen) (44 x 45.5cm each)

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2024-06-18 21:06R850.00JL
2024-06-18 21:06R825.00mchughes
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2024-06-18 21:04R750.00JL
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2024-06-18 20:59R650.00JL
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2024-06-18 20:58R600.00JL
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2024-06-18 20:57R550.00JL
2024-06-18 20:56R525.00mchughes
2024-06-18 20:56R500.00JL
2024-06-18 20:55R475.00mchughes
2024-06-18 20:50R450.00JL
2024-06-18 20:50R425.00mchughes
2024-06-18 20:45R400.00JL
2024-06-18 20:40R375.00mchughes
2024-06-15 18:38R350.00JL
2024-06-12 14:39R300.00LeoLovesArt33
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