LOT 207 (31469) Est R1000 to R3000 – A Pair of Vintage West African Cameroon Bamileke Tribe Ceremonial Drinking Cups with Buffalo Horn Mounts (nda nyiet)

Winning Bid: R1,400.00

Item condition: Used


each raised and cast gilded copper alloy seated figure with elaborate headdress, holding aloft a curved and hollowed buffalo drinking horn, featuring hand carved relief spiders (ngame meaning wisdom), lizards, figural profile and geometric lozenge and floral boss and naive palm tree panels, enclosed by Greek key borders, embellished with beaded bands terminating in a figured masque (Tallest height: 42cm) Note: The nda nyiet is used to pour and drink palm wine during rituals that safeguard the community, they are als displayed by the ‘fon’ (chief) and his elite group of nobles during ceremonies and festivals within the community. Once initiated through rituals and magic spells they are treated with reverence. Reference: https://wmic.net/bamum-ndu-nyiet/

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