LOT 59 (3187117) Est R1000 to R3000 – A Pair of Continental Vintage Cast Brass Hurricane Candle Lamps with Clear Glass Hand Blown Tulip-shaped Shades

Winning Bid: R3,300.00

Item condition: Used


each urn-shaped candle nozzle, over a dished drip pan, on a waisted circular rising stem, above a drum-shaped base, on three cast pad feet (Total height with shades: 45cm) (Condition report: Minor chips to the foot rim of each flue)

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Highest bidder was: fehealy

Date Bid User Auto
2024-06-17 21:08R3,300.00fehealy
2024-06-17 21:08R3,200.00gary
2024-06-17 21:03R3,100.00fehealy
2024-06-17 21:02R3,000.00gary
2024-06-17 21:02R2,900.00fehealy
2024-06-17 21:00R2,800.00gary
2024-06-17 20:58R2,700.00fehealy
2024-06-17 20:58R2,600.00gary
2024-06-17 20:57R2,500.00fehealy
2024-06-17 20:57R2,400.00gary
2024-06-17 20:54R2,300.00fehealy
2024-06-17 20:54R2,200.00gary
2024-06-17 20:39R1,900.00fehealy
2024-06-17 20:39R1,800.00mchughes
2024-06-17 20:33R1,700.00fehealy
2024-06-17 20:32R1,600.00gary
2024-06-17 20:30R1,500.00fehealy
2024-06-17 20:30R1,400.00mchughes
2024-06-16 13:29R1,300.00fehealy
2024-06-16 06:34R1,200.00captainjacobcremer
2024-06-14 17:21R1,100.00fehealy
2024-06-09 08:13R1,000.00captainjacobcremer
2024-06-06 20:00Auction started