LOT 121 Est R500 to R1500 – Pina, J & Galiza, D.R (Author). Por Teu Livre Pensamento: Historias de 25 Ex-presos Politicos Portugueses.

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Publ. Assiro & Alvim, Lisboa 2007, Ltd edition – 2000 Exemplares signed by the photographer in black felt-tip pen & inscribed with a personal dedication: To Jake, thank for all the help and effort to make things happen in South Africa, good luck with all your projects and adventures, all the best Joao Pina, further inscribed: Johannesburg & dated July 25th 2009 (Hardcover) **** + Pina, J. 46750. Publ. FotoEvidence Press, New York 2018, English edition, poems by Viviane Salles, translated by Hilary Kaplan, signed & inscribed with a personal dedication by the photographer on the back board in silver felt-tip pen: To Jake Brink, Here is the portrait of Rio de Janerio, Full of Beauty, Chaos, Love and Impunity. 46750 lives lost, we shall not forget. Best Joao Pina, further inscribed: Lisbon, April 2018 (Hardcover & cloth bound) ****

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