LOT 128 Est R300 to R600 – An Italian Murano Glass Paperweight

Winning Bid: R1,200.00

Item condition: Used

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pebble-shaped body with internal millefiori murrine & filigrana motifs, in colours of yellow, green, blue & orange on a cranberry speckled base, another Italian glass paperweight, clear globular body with encased white glass reticello spirals & twisted orange glass canes with aventurine gold foil inclusions, an Alt Murano glass paperweight, cobalt pebble body with Star of David motif surrounded by multicoloured millefiori banding & another paperweight, with thistle flower & white murrine cane band (4pcs) (Tallest: 6cm)

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2021-06-07 21:01R1,200.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 21:00R1,125.00mchughes
2021-06-07 20:58R1,100.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 20:57R1,075.00mchughes
2021-06-07 20:54R1,050.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 20:53R1,025.00mchughes
2021-06-07 20:47R1,000.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 20:46R975.00mchughes
2021-06-07 20:45R950.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 20:44R925.00mchughes
2021-06-07 19:40R900.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 18:32R825.00mchughes
2021-06-07 16:20R800.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 16:18R700.00barbergarth
2021-06-07 15:57R600.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-07 15:52R550.00barbergarth
2021-06-06 18:30R525.00cedric.john.michael
2021-06-04 21:16R500.00barbergarth
2021-06-03 09:23R475.00nashee.manilall
2021-06-03 05:13R450.00barbergarth
2021-06-02 23:32R425.00nashee.manilall
2021-06-01 21:42R400.00barbergarth
2021-05-31 15:56R300.00apmt
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