Non Payment or Default

In the case of a purchaser not settling their account in full within the allocated time allowed for or the purchaser Defaulting in their obligation. Bernardi Auctioneers have the right to exercise the registering of the defaulter as a non-payer and informing all auction platforms and credit bureaus.

The defaulter will also be excluded from using any of our auction platforms or facilities until they have satisfactorily remedied the default. 

By registering on the website: and or placing a bid whether online or by proxy, the bidder shall ‘ipso facto’ be deemed to have bound him-/herself to the Seller as Surety and Co-principal debtor for the obligation incurred as Purchaser according to the conditions of sale and the rules of the auction.

What is a Bid extension

Where there is bidding activity on a particular lot within 5 minutes (300 seconds) prior to the lot’s published closing time, there will be a 5 minute (300 seconds) bidding extension on that lot starting from the set closing time, and extended until only one bidder remains.

These extensions will continue indefinitely until there is no more bidding activity on the lot for a period of 5 minutes (300 seconds) implying that there is no further interest.

What is a Timed Online Auction

A Timed Online Auction is an auction that has a specific Start time & Closing time. The auction runs for a duration of a certain number of days/hours depending on the category and rules associated with that particular auction. In certain instances, Bid Extensions will apply to all lots.

Can I cancel my bid

WARNING – No, once a bid is placed and recorded you are not able to cancel and you will be held liable for payment and all costs pertaining to the lot/s.

How will I know if I have won the bid

Once the auction has closed and it has been audited, we will send you an email detailing which lots you have purchased and how to proceed with payment and collection of your successful purchases.

How will I know when I’m outbid

The system will tell you in the Pop-up menu that you have been outbid and will also ask do you wish to place another bid. It will also send you an email every time you are outbid on a lot. Please note that due to high traffic volumes we do not send out notifications in the last hour of an auction

How do I Bid

To place a bid click on “Bid now” to show the lot & bidding popup and then just press the Bid button to accept the next bid value or use the manual bid increment box to vary your bid.

Please note: By placing a bid on any of online auction platforms, the bidder agrees to and accept that that they have read an understood the conditions of sale and  the rules of auction.

Do I have to register for every auction

No if you are already an existing client and you have created a Login account, you do not need to register for each auction if you want to bid. Simply Login with your Username and password to access the auction.

How do I Register

Before you will be able to bid, you will have to Register: Please click on the Login/Register tab. All new bidders must first Register with an email address and a personal password. Once you have completed the Registration process, proceed to the Login platform and create a username and password to complete the Login process. You will now be able to place a bid while you are Logged in on any open current auction.

Can I browse the Auction

You are able to Browse our auctions without Registering, however should you wish to place a bid, you will then have to Register first and then Login. Browse with ease by either Listed Categories or our simple Auction Item Search.