Selling at Bernardi’s



We accept items of a quality and value suitable for Bernardi Auctioneers CC Online auctions. Please feel free to contact us directly for an appointment:

We are also prepared to value any items brought into the saleroom by prior appointment. Should you not be able to do this, please contact us and ask for an onsite valuation where costs will be incurred.


Once you have decided to sell your items through Bernardi Auctioneers CC, you will receive a receipt detailing briefly the items and any applicable reserves and conditions. The items will then be inspected again and processed in our system. Well in advance of the sale, you will receive a detailed receipt with descriptions via email and by request only.


Pre-sale estimates are based upon the current market prices achieved at auction for comparable property, taking into consideration the sale history for the artist/item/s, the subject matter, quality of execution, current market climate, condition, rarity, proven provenance, as well as our considered opinion and to the best of our knowledge. You will receive a suggested estimate of each item offered for sale, and we advise that the items are sold at the auctioneer’s discretion. This discretionary value would equal a selling price of 10% below the low estimate. Alternatively, a fixed reserve price below which we will not sell can be agreed upon when consigning your items. A reserve can never exceed the lower estimate and is a confidential figure agreed to between Bernardi Auctioneers CC and the seller, below which a lot will not be sold.


Sale results of the auction will be posted on our website: and settlement is usually effected 14 working days after the sale & subject to normal business conditions. Alternatively, should Bernardi Auctioneers not have received payment from the buyer within this time, payment to sellers will be made within 7 days of Bernardi Auctioneers’ receipt of full payment.

NOTE: We are only able to pay out if the buyer has paid in full for the items.

Please ensure & confirm that your correct banking details are submitted at the time of consignment.


All unsold lots are to be collected from Bernardi Auctioneers within 14 days after the date of the sale, at the seller’s expense, unless alternative arrangements are made with Bernardi Auctioneers regarding re-offering said lot/s or for collection/delivery thereof.